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Elephant Nature Park giving a new life to Mae Boon Sri, she is going to live with Mebai and Mae Yui at our new project

Another rescue today from the circus and elephant riding . Her name is Boon Sri age 33 years old. Boon Sri work at the same place of MeBai where there both service as elephant performing at the tourist camp and while MeBai stayed separated with her mother, Boon Sri have adopted MeBai as her baby. Today Boon Sri injured and have big abscess at her back , she not accepted the saddle on her back and can not work to service riding any more. We ask her owner to take her out of the work and bring her to reunion with MeBai and Mae Yui and free her from work. We start to walk her early morning of 28 May , she walk very fast but enjoy her freedom all along the way and it take only five days to reach the new home. We will share you more history of Boon Sri and how she loss her three babies and the most amazing video how they first meet at the jungle between Mebai , Boon Sri and Mae Yui. It is amazing and beautiful video. Stay turn.





























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