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Congratulations to Mae Mai who have received the prosthetic leg brace to support her injured leg.

Mae Mai is a 31-year-old elephant. When we first met her at the elephant camp nearby, the illness, injury and the poor living condition debilitated her health and she looked older than her age. While she was a logging elephant she had accident which cause her broken leg. On January 8, 2021 we walked her along the river to the park because she was so weak and could not step onto the truck. 

Please read her rescue story here: Mae Mai’s rescue story

Mae Mai before we walked her to Elephant Nature Park.



Mae Mai walked down the river to Elephant Nature Park. The illness, injury and the poor living condition debilitated her health and cause she looked older than her age. 



Over a year since Mae Mai came to live with us,  from the day that she arrived, Mae Mai’s life has been improving. Her injured leg is a long-term concern, interfering with her normal life. Gentle Giant Stay Home project has supported Mae Mai from the start. They sought out the help of Derrick Campana from the Bionic Pet team USA to make a prosthetic leg brace for Mae Mai. GG initiated the “ Bionic Giant “ campaign since 2021. The work commenced between our vet team and Bionic Pets, guiding our vets to make the mold necessary for a prosthetic leg. This was sent to America and the process of bringing a finished product to Mae Mai began in earnest. The knee brace will help to support Mae Mai’s leg when she walks, supporting her knee, alleviating pain and preventing the dislocated joint from getting worse.
When Mae Mai walked with the brace on her knee, she has more confidence and could travel further than she used to. We hope Mae Mai will continue to improve with this assisting brace. Mae Mai is one of the several lives included in this prosthetic leg campaign, we will update more details later.
Thank you Gentle Giant Stay Home project and all supporters for your kindness toward our injured animals at Elephant Nature Park. Deep thanks to Derrick Campana and your team for your great effort providing leg supports for our elephants in needed, and other disabled animals, whom we hope to have a better life. To those who have contributed to this work, your support is changing their lives 🙏.
To accomplish any task it takes time. Putting a leg support on an elephant and to have it accepted takes time as well. Updates forthcoming to show the ongoing benefits of using these braces each day. To the Bionic Giant Project, Thank you so much!

Mae Mai and her prosthetic leg brace. See how she likes it!!


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