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The old grandmother elephant named Thai

The old grandmother elephant named Thai

Thai was rescued from street begging . She spent such a long time in the street and was rescued by Ele-aid to our Park since 2003 .To spend a long time in the street and to work in the twilight and the loud noise, Thai lost her eyes vision and almost blind and suffer from infection; but Thai never lost hope. Her job is to love and her heart is given to others. Thai become expert and senior nanny; she demonstrated her way to the junior nanny how she love all baby. She spend all day at the park to look after the baby elephant and she love her duty . Even she came from the bad history and abuse, today she spends her day just to give love and care for others.

Medo leaving to live with the herd


Medo is a medium sized female born around 1976. The majority of her working days were spent in logging camps. She was rescued from a very remote area near the Thai/Burma border, and arrived at Elephant Nature Park in June 2006. She has a Karen language name, a reference to her sad physical condition that has resulted from horrible abuse.

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