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Care For Elephants – Single Day Visit

Why do we have to take care elephants ?

These three female elephants spent most of their life in logging industry and elephant riding. Fortunately now they retired from work and living with good care at Care for Elephants Project, which is running under the supervision and consultation of Elephant Nature Park with no riding, helping elephants with love is a concept we want to share with elephant care takers around the world to encourage the understanding of living more peacefully with other creatures on this planet.

Elephants have a lot of health problems, especially old elephants when their teeth fall out. The loss of teeth is the main cause of death. As the final molar begins to break down, it becomes increasingly difficult to chew and digest food. Elephants in this predicament often die of starvation or malnutrition.

At our Care for Elephants Project, we do not only let the elephants roaming through the jungle freely and foraging grass from their selection, we also provide special treat for elephants. After walking through the jungle, refresh in the river and get skin layer with mud bathe these beautiful ladies will enjoy eating healthy treats (mixed rice ball) made by visitors.

Thank you to the project owner, Ben who grew up in a village near Elephant Nature Park and worked with Elephant Nature Park for a few years to learn more about elephants. He has opened a caring home for three elephants. Look at the three elephants enjoy the life at their old age now, they look so gorgeous with the happiness sparkling from their eyes.

To observe elephants and help us to take care our beautiful creature, please make a reservation here:

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