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Bogus and confusing copies of Elephant Nature Park

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Well, maybe they used to say that and it meant something once upon a time.

Barely a month goes by when we become aware of a new tourist elephant camp set up with a very similar name to ours. Often a slight change of an inserted word or two.

We wont honour them by posting their names here.

Please do not be fooled by these places, many of which feature elephant rides and other forms of exploitation that we are completely against.

We are also aware that an alarming number or guest houses, hotels, travel agencies and drivers will claim we are closed, burned down or otherwise unavailable which is bunk

Our website operates 24/7 and our office is open every day.

The only way you can be sure that you are in communication with Elephant Nature Park is by using our online contact form which is easily found on our sole and official website.

Elephant Nature Parks OFFICIAL website address is

Comments here please

Elephant Nature Park - we've been around a while and plan to be here for as long as we are needed
Elephant Nature Park – we’ve been around a while and plan to be here for as long as we are needed

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