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 Dani   At the herd: 30th November 2010 Rescued from: Illegal logging *Birthday: 1960 Dani is a female elephant who…

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Chang Yim

Chang Yim Came to our herd: July 2009 From: Born at the park Birthday: 12 Jul 09 Finally, the moment…

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Dok Ngern

  Dok Ngern "Silver Flower" Official name: Pang Somboon Came to our herd: Nov 05 Rescued from: Tourist Entertainment *Birthday:…

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  Hope "Yod Doi or "Top of the Mountain" Rescued: 26 Mar 02 Rescued from: Orphaned Birthday: 8th Jun 2001…

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Jokia    At the herd: Apr 01 Rescued from: Logging *Birthday 19 May 1961 Jokia is a female elephant who…

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