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Become an Elephant Volunteer

Our volunteer positions at Elephant Nature Park are mostly full until February 2016. We know some of you may be disappointed, but there’s no need to worry. We have a brilliant volunteering alternative for you and it also in Chiang Mai. Journey to Freedom volunteers help villagers improve their lives, teach in the local school and also help with local construction. This cultural exchange enables the villagers to provide for the elephants and give them a free and healthy life while educating the volunteers on the ways of the Karen tribe.

The Journey to Freedom volunteers will finish their week at Elephant Nature Park where they will meet the herds and hear their stories. Volunteers from both projects will spend their final night comparing the memorable experiences.

To volunteer Journey to Freedom click here


Journey to freedom
Volunteering at Journey to Freedom can support the villagers in caring for their elephants.



Journey to Freedom
Volunteers at Journey to Freedom teaching English to children at local school.


Journey to Freedom
Cultural exchange is included in Journey to Freedom program.


















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