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All Change at Elephant Nature Park

19 Feb 2014

We have been working hard over the last three months getting not one, but two, new websites ready.

Elephant Nature Park website

Home of the park and projects

Ally Taylor designed and put in an awesome new booking system and revamped the entire site of the Elephant Nature Park site. We now have automatic availability calendars and a 24 hour real-time reservation system. The user friendly site has been in operation for just over a week and we are so pleased that it has been so awesome for us to use.

A truly great and timely effort. We have also added Surin, Erawan, Cambodia and ENP dogs to our Park Volunteer, day, pamper a pachyderm and overnight options. Now all  project information is conveniently located in one place!

Mindy Postoff has completely revamped the site to give visitors a beautiful new viewing experience. We love her design. The SEF site is now responsible for elephant sponsorships, elephant lunches, medical kits, online shop and special efforts to help the park and all of our projects. In fact, there is so much to this site that you will simply have to visit it yourself.

Save Elephant Website

SEF website

February has been a month of big changes for us all and we would love to hear your comments on the sites and how we can improve.

Thank you all for your support.

Elephant Nature Park

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